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Being accused of harassment by a co-worker, colleague, or in an academic setting can be overwhelming and embarrassing, especially when faced alone. The consequences of such accusations could be catastrophic to one’s career.
• You have the right to defend yourself
• You have the right to be heard

• You have the right to know the evidence upon which a claim against you is based.

In addition to defending individuals accused of harassment and for Title IX Violations, Attorneys Mundy and Champion will advise your business, municipality, school or institution of higher education and recommend policies and practices to help identify and address these issues.

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Combined, our team of criminal defense attorneys have defended and successfully obtained the release of clients who have been wrongly accused. Unlike other firms, we don’t believe in exorbitant hourly fees that leave you guessing what your legal counsel will end up costing at the end of your legal case process. At your initial appointment, you will be quoted a competitive rate based solely on what resolving your crisis will entail. Charging extra for standard services is just not acceptable to us.

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What is Title IX Say?

Title IX defends the rights of an individual from being discriminated based on the sex of a citizen from participating in education or other organizational activities. Specifically, when the institution is receiving state money.

What are examples of a Title IX offense?

  • Athletic programs not allowing women’s soccer as a sport but allowing men’s soccer
  • Equal treatment from women to men regarding academic scholarships and all other facility access.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is considered an IX Violation?

When any of the following are being held agaist the individual based on their sex.

  • limited education
  • limited access to activities
  • unwanted sexual passes

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