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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Central Pennsylvania

As criminal defense lawyers, our firm at Dethlefs Pykosh & Murphy have defended clients charged with offenses involving major felonies, homicide, and small crimes. If you are charged with a crime or under investigation, you will want Dethlefs Pykosh & Murphy on your side. 

Our team is complete with experienced attorneys with years of trial and litigation experience. 
We cover jurisdictions, including Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Lebanon, Lancaster, Perry and York counties.

Why Hire Dethlefs Pykosh & Murphy?

Combined, our team of criminal defense attorneys have defended and successfully obtained the release of clients who have been wrongly accused. Unlike other firms, we don’t believe in exorbitant hourly fees that leave you guessing what your legal counsel will end up costing at the end of your case. At your initial appointment, you will be quoted a competitive rate based solely on what resolving your crisis will entail. Charging extra for standard services is just not acceptable to us.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Get to know Attorneys Jonathan White, Jessica Bush, and R. Mark Thomas.


Years Experience

Jonathan White

Jonathan White

Attorney Jessica Bush

Jessica Bush

R. Mark Thomas

R. Mark Thomas

Harrisburg Court

Why Is Criminal Law Important?

Criminal law is important because it helps protect our community from wrong doers. Unfortunately, people are wrongly accused everyday and it is our job as criminal defense attorneys to protect you from this.

Our Criminal Law Services

At Dethlefs Pykosh and Murphy, we cover a variety of criminal defense cases. Our job is to get the best possible outcome for your case. We have covered felonies, misdemeanors, white collar crimes, DUI (driving under the influence), drug cases, violent crimes, sex crimes, traffic and non-traffic citations, and expungements.

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